Beneath the Cardboard Moon

Shakespeare Ave.Here’s a peek at the young adult novel Beneath the Cardboard Moon:

Secrets can’t be kept. Desires can be disastrous. Friendships can come from strange places.

AGGIE: Smart and responsible—and haunted by tragedy.

EMMA: Wealthy and popular—and haunted by lies.

OZ: Outcast and angry—and haunted by passion.

Three vastly different teens. One Shakespearean play. Countless ways to mess up and fess up—and weave tangled lives together.

When grade 11 students Aggie Alexandersson, Emma Grant and Oz Evans get cast in a school play, they have to work together despite their differences.

Aggie is the brainy, responsible one, who wishes she weren’t. Fueled by memories of her outgoing cousin, she pursues the high life—then finds herself going overboard.

Upscale Emma worries about fitting in, afraid her wealthy friends will ditch her if they find out she no longer belongs in their social circle.

Oz wants what she can’t have. Forced to leave the activity she loves—ballet—she turns her passion toward something else forbidden: a teacher.

At odds with each other and the world around them, the three struggle through their issues and find allies where they didn’t expect.

Beneath the Cardboard Moon is being represented by agent Hilary McMahon of Westwood Creative Artists. Check back soon for publication details.