Publications for Adults

I want to thank you a lot for the well written and accurate article. I have seen only a few so good on scientific topics. It’s being shared a lot in the scientific community and it is being really appreciated. – expert interviewed for a newspaper article

Really nice work. – Globe and Mail editor

What a wonderful article. You are a wonderful writer. – expert interviewed for a magazine article

I was so thrilled to read your beautiful and uplifting article on the empty nest syndrome experienced by many whose kids leave home for the first time. It really put a silver lining on my gray clouds! – Discover magazine reader

You do top notch work—one of the best freelancers I’ve had out of the gate. – Kootenay Business Magazine editor

I’ve talked to a lot of reporters and compared to most of them, you really asked the right questions. – expert interviewed for a magazine article

Congratulations on a very well researched article. – expert interviewed for a magazine article


Here are a few examples of my magazine and newspaper articles:


Arts and culture




My short story “Mouthwash and Mass Destruction” was published in The Lamp Journal, Volume 8 (2018).

One of my short stories was a finalist in the 2016 Thomas Morton Memorial Prize for Literary Excellence (The Puritan).