Welcome to the website of writer and comics artist Galadriel Watson.

I am an experienced, creative, versatile and dependable freelancer who is dedicated to producing fascinating stories that help readers understand more about themselves, the world and their connections within it.

  • Writer for adults, with credits in publications like The Washington Post, TIME, The Globe and Mail and Discover magazine.
  • Writer for children, including my 24th book: Running Wild: Awesome Animals in Motion and credits in publications like The New York Times for Kids and The Washington Post’s KidsPost.
  • Writer for businesses and organizations, including municipalities, universities and Crown corporations.
  • Writer and drawer of comics, with credits in publications like The Washington Post’s The Lily.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve done:

Kootenay artisans at work
The trails of running a small-town theatre
(The Dance Current)
How to reset your goals
(The Globe and Mail)
Predators may have helped turn dinosaur into a mummy
(The Washington Post: KidsPost)
Testing chocolate “geometry” to make it tastier
(The Washington Post: KidsPost)
The name game
(The New York Times for Kids)
A hydropower overhaul benefits people in the Basin
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Indigenous youth go the distance to take charge of their futures
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Wetlands get a little help to stay wild
(Columbia Basin Trust)
My lifelong dream hasn’t panned out. Should I give up or keep trying?
(The Washington Post’s The Lily)
Pandemic days are stifling. So I tried out this technique to build optimism.
(The Washington Post’s The Lily)
Snapshots of a beautiful life
(web series)
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