Welcome to the website of writer and comics artist Galadriel Watson.

I am an experienced, creative, versatile and dependable freelancer who is dedicated to producing fascinating stories that help readers understand more about themselves, the world and their connections within it.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve done:

I’ve been daydreaming about moving back to a city – I should be careful what I wish for
(The Globe and Mail)
Why your belongings hold so much meaning, and how to decide what to grab in an emergency.
(The Washington Post)
Days long gone
How is a dinosaur like a tree?
Running Wild
(Annick Press)
Extreme Abilities
(Annick Press)
Having fun with meaningful results
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Heating up a historic arts space
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Coming home
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Pandemic days are stifling. So I tried out this technique to build optimism.
(The Washington Post’s The Lily)
I started working from home years before coronavirus. Here’s how I found balance.
(The Washington Post’s The Lily)
Snapshots of a beautiful life
(web series)
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