Welcome to the website of writer and comics artist Galadriel Watson.

I am an experienced, creative, versatile and dependable freelancer who is dedicated to producing fascinating stories that help readers understand more about themselves, the world and their connections within it.

  • Writer for adults, with credits in publications like The Washington Post, TIME, The Globe and Mail and Discover magazine.
  • Writer for children, including my 24th book: Running Wild: Awesome Animals in Motion and credits in publications like The New York Times for Kids and The Washington Post’s KidsPost.
  • Writer for businesses and organizations, including municipalities, universities and Crown corporations.
  • Writer and drawer of comics, with credits in publications like The Washington Post’s The Lily.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve done:

Get the nitty gritty: build personal grit to propel your goals
(Dance Magazine)
To ease menopause symptoms, add a little melody
How to age well, superhero-style
Testing chocolate “geometry” to make it tastier
(The Washington Post: KidsPost)
The name game
(The New York Times for Kids)
Fish find school rewarding if they can do math
(The Washington Post: KidsPost)
Saving a tree and helping the species that rely on it
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Protecting history
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Having fun with meaningful results
(Columbia Basin Trust)
My lifelong dream hasn’t panned out. Should I give up or keep trying?
(The Washington Post’s The Lily)
Pandemic days are stifling. So I tried out this technique to build optimism.
(The Washington Post’s The Lily)
Snapshots of a beautiful life
(web series)
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