Corporate Communications

Tell the world how great your business is. Whether you need website text, a news release, an annual report or any other written work, I can provide you with clear, clean, interesting copy. I especially excel at writing success stories—promoting your business’s strengths by highlighting the people and organizations you work with, or that have benefited from your products and services.

Saving a tree and helping the species that rely on it
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Protecting history
(Columbia Basin Trust)
Having fun with meaningful results
(Columbia Basin Trust)

I’ve written for organizations like BC Crown corporation Columbia Basin Trust, the Economic Trust of the Southern Interior, Community Futures Boundary, the City of Calgary, the University of Calgary, the Calgary Zoo and the Calgary Stampede. You’ll find I’m a quick and reliable addition to your team.

Here’s a very small selection of examples:


  • This is brilliant ! Beautifully and respectfully written. Ocean Networks Canada communications contact
  • Galadriel is a talented corporate writer and editor. She has been doing contract work with Columbia Basin Trust since 2016, including storytelling through narratives, key messages, technical reports, media releases and more. She is efficient, focused and creative. She is also a meticulous editor who doesn’t let a single punctuation mistake or misused word creep into her copyediting. She’s easy to work with, listens and takes feedback well, and keeps her knowledge current, and she is fast. I highly recommend using her writing and copyediting services. — Columbia Basin Trust communications director
  • Thanks so much—this is great! — Columbia Basin Trust communications contact
  • You are fast and awesome! — Columbia Basin Trust communications contact
  • You are a star. Thank you so much. There are many people who are very thankful for your support. — Columbia Basin Trust communications contact
  • I was so impressed by your writing and portfolio. — corporate communications contact