Publications for Children

Discovering is fun! I write non-fiction books and magazine articles that help children explore, understand and enjoy the world around them. I particularly love taking complex topics and presenting them in ways that are easy to understand and fascinating to read.

Why flying paper planes is serious fun for scientists
(The Washington Post: KidsPost)
Running Wild
(Annick Press)
Extreme Abilities
(Annick Press)

Here’s a very small selection of examples:

Non-fiction books for children

I have also published 22 other non-fiction books for children, including Rocks on the Move: The Rock Cycle and When Earth Shakes (Scholastic Canada). View all books here.

Non-fiction magazine articles for children


  • I love it! You are a wonderful writer, and your piece captures the fun and adventure of the work. Thank you!!!! — expert interviewed for an article
  • Wow, this is great to see! Thanks so much for putting together such a great piece! — expert interviewed for an article
  • I absolutely love this article—it’s gripping and gently heartbreaking. — Muse editor
  • You are one of those rare talents, an excellent writer who can explain non-fiction topics to a younger audience. — Annick Press editor