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  • “I read your comic about the pandemic (and possible aftermath) in The Lily today. So simple, so sophisticated. It touched my heart. Thank you.” — The Lily reader
  • “Just wanted to let you know that your wonderful cartoons are keeping me sane while negotiating this lockdown & figuring out what to do in later life… Your acute & perceptive drawings…make a gal feel less alone in the world. For that, I thank you MOST vigorously and sincerely.” — The Lily reader
  • “This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing something personal and with such a helpful message in this unique and intriguing way.” — Polemical editor
  • “This comic is amazing!” — Storied Stitches editor

Why Being Forgetful Isn’t as Bad as It Seems (The Washington Post’s The Lily)

The Mathematics of Friendship (The Cardiff Review)

Here are a few more:

I also completed this sketchbook for the 2017/18 Sketchbook Project.