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Sitting Tight

In the current issue of Quill & Quire, I was pleased to see a lengthy and glowing article about middle-grade/young adult author Susin Nielsen. I have a particular affinity for Susin, not because I know her personally or because I’ve read her books—although, thanks to… Read More

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Reading and the Time Paradox

The problem with books is that the excellent ones—the ones that offer worlds you want to remain in—pass quickly, while the not-so-good ones drag on. I’m currently reading a book I’m interested in, yet can easily put down to take up other tasks—which means it’s… Read More

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Take It Like a Dancer

Last week, writer Kim Bullock wrote a post about how writers should take critique like dancers take critique: as a necessary, even welcome step up the ladder of success. And it’s absolutely true. As a teenager, I myself was a serious ballet dancer, topping off… Read More