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My Year of Reading Randomly

bookshelfIn 2015, I vow to have no reading resolutions. I will read what moves me, when it moves me, at the speed at which it moves me. I will buy books new. I will rent books from the library. I will pull already-read books off my shelves.

I will not try to read a book a day, or a book a week, or a certain number of books in the year. I’d rather read mindfully. I’d rather do whatever I like.

That being said, I do want to throw in one goal. Before my courses begin for my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, I’d like to have some idea who I might be learning from. So here are a few of the authors and titles I’ll be keeping in mind (and please forgive me if I’ve missed someone):


  • Annabel Lyon: The Golden Mean
  • Nancy Lee: The Age
  • Joseph Boyden: The Orenda
  • Michael Winter: The Architects Are Here
  • (teens and children) Maggie deVries: Hunger Journeys, Rabbit Ears


  • Charlotte Gill: Eating Dirt
  • Kevin Chong: Neil Young Nation
  • Wayne Grady: Bringing Back the Dodo
  • Deborah Campbell: This Heated Place


  • (graphic novel) Sarah Leavitt: Tangles
  • (playwriting) Stephen Hunt: The White Guy
  • (poetry) Susan Musgrave: Origami Dove

What are your 2015 reading goals?

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Hi, I’m Galadriel: blogger, author, reader and resident of a quaint small town in the breathtaking West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. I made no reading resolutions either. Or any resolutions for that matter 🙂 I read on a daily basis, so I will just wait and see where the year takes me!

    • It’s so much more fun that way, isn’t it? Not knowing where you’re headed and what you might discover. Why make reading a chore with to-do lists?

  2. There is definitely something to be said for reading freedom! But the one benefit of resolutions: they keep me from getting sucked into hours of aimless internet wandering.

    Does your MFA include residencies, Galadriel? We are five minutes away from UBC, and it would be great to see you sometime!

    • The Internet sure is a time-sucker!

      The MFA has one 10-day residency each July, but it’s optional. So I’m not sure if I’m going yet. If I do, I’ll definitely get in touch!

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