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Authors for Indies Day

Authors for IndiesIf only I could pop over to Montreal today. Not only could I support an independent bookstore on Authors for Indies Day, I could meet one of my current favourite authors: Heather O’Neill. (See a short clip about both her and the Authors for Indies Day here.)

Instead, I wake to find myself void of any handy bookstore or authors to meet at all.

Should I drive nearly two hours to get to the nearest one? My choice would be Otter Books in Nelson, BC, which has a great lineup of Kristene PerronDeryn Collier and Anne DeGrace. But is it worth travelling there and back for a few hellos, a book or two to add to my already flush to-read pile and the satisfaction of having taken part?

Or I could step out of my comfort zone and step into my town’s used bookstore, which I’ve only entered once. (Although I’m fine reading repeatedly handled books from a library, for whatever reason used books don’t interest me. If I’m going to spend money, I want pristine.) Still, it’s independent, it could use the business, it would take 10 minutes and my gas tank would remain full. It would be the silent way of supporting the day, as no one would know I participated at all.

So a day of adventure? Or a quiet moment close to home? Then again, Montreal’s not so far from the interior of British Columbia… (Drats, with the time zone change I’ve missed Heather already.)

Are you supporting Authors for Indies day?

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