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Graphic Novel Immersion Day

Skim (250x250)I recently had what I’ve dubbed Graphic Novel Immersion Day (GNID).

It happened to coincide with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. While I had nothing to do with this festival, it caused a plethora of graphic novel/comics-related media mentions, which influenced my own GNID.

FIRST, through this article I discovered Meags Fitzgerald. Her graphic novel Photobooth: A Biography sounds fascinating—who’d ever thought of photobooths as a disappearing cultural artifact?—as does her upcoming memoir Long Red Hair. Plus what a great website, with all those fabulous photos of her studio. (Illustrators’ studios always look so much more visually appealing than writers’, with all those coloured pencils and such.) Her variety of work makes her seem like an interesting person to know.

SECOND, through this interview I remembered: yes! I can draw a rabbit! Cartoonist Lynda Barry speaks about the importance of drawing; how we draw easily when we’re young but then often lose the momentum; and how simple steps can help us bring the joy back. Maybe, despite my rusty skills, I could produce my own graphic novel some day (??)—obviously based on rabbits. (My upcoming MFA program offers a graphic novel course; while I shy away due to nerves, I think one day I’ll probably give in.)

THIRD, this interview and article reminded me of illustrator Jillian Tamaki. I had been intrigued by This One Summer (co-created with cousin Mariko Tamaki) and so was compelled to take out another of their works: Skim. I read it all in one sitting and found it the first graphic novel to pull me through wondering what will happen next: although there are no thundering plot points, I cared enough about the main character that her quiet story drew me forward.

Next I’ll order in Photobooth.

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Have you read any great graphic novels lately?

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