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To Breathe or Not to Breathe

choicesRegistration for the 2015/16 session of my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is coming up soon. This is my first year of the program, and the question on my mind is: do I study full time or part time?

The thought of full-time study gets me excited. Think of the fabulous things I could learn! Think of the scholarships and financial aid I’d be eligible for!

On the other hand, if I don’t get financial aid, it’d be a serious dent in the bank account; and how would we pay for our son to start going to university too? Also, can I honestly study full time while working full time and living a life with my family? (Quitting my job’s not an option.)

Part-time study would allow me to breath. I could balance school with work and home life. I might even be able to throw in some paid writing on the side, like a magazine article or two. And the tuition would be half as much at a time.

On the other hand, it seems so blah to take it so slowly, and so long term. And I’d likely never qualify for scholarships or financial aid; the money paid would be 100 per cent mine.

One minute I’m sure I’ll go for full time, the next I’ve flipped to part time. Which do I choose?

I suspect home life has to come first, so perhaps part time’s the answer for me.

Do you have experience with a similar decision?

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