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Thanks to the Great Year!

2014 (250x187)If I were to pick a word to sum up my writing life in 2014, the word would be “progress.” (Inspired by Carrie Snyder’s word “success.”)

In the short space of one year, I:

And what, through all this, have I learned about a writing career?

  • Writing a book is the opposite of peeling an onion; it’s layering it.
  • Other people’s feedback is vital.
  • Nothing goes quickly.
  • If you work hard and give things time, they might work out as you’d hoped.
  • No one said it would be easy; commit yourself and keep plugging away.

Thanks go to the authors of all the great books I’ve read this year. Here are a few that inspired me:



I wish a fantastic new year to you all!

Tell me what was great about your 2014.

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